Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable innovation

La Marzocco prides itself in a strong company culture which, in being mindful of and anchored to its heritage, “encourages the pursuit of quality, excellence and innovation through a trusting family atmosphere”. As a caring global citizen, La Marzocco is active in Sustainable Innovation* in 3 key areas:


StreetSmart Australia – CafeSmart Sponsorship
Since 2014, when our La Marzocco Australia office officially opened we have been proud sponsors of StreetSmart Australia and their CafeSmart
initiative. CafeSmart unites coffee makers and coffee drinkers for a day of action to help people in their own regions, towns or suburbs.

Cafes pledge to donate $1 per coffee sold on the day.

Roasters help out with donated beans and CafeSmart distributes 100% of the fund raised to help people who are homeless in the local area where the funds are raised.

We here at La Marzocco are proud continued sponsors of this wonderful event and have direct understanding of the incredible good and long lasting effect this fundraising can have on local charities, as you can see below.

FareShare Volunteer Work
Through being a sponsor of CafeSmartwe looked further into where the money we raised was going locally and we were introduced to the wonderful work done by FareShare

Every year, two million Australians will experience hunger. But, over the same period, we’ll also waste 200kg of food for every man, woman and child in the nation.
FareShare is doing something about it by rescuing surplus, quality food from supermarkets, farmers and other businesses.

With the help of 800 regular volunteers, FareShare cooks this food into 25,000 free nutritious meals a week for Victorian charities – such as soup vans, homeless shelters, food banks and school breakfast programs. They do this in Australia’s largest charity kitchen, based in Abbotsford, just around the corner from the La Marzocco Australia office.

Once every 3 months our entire Melbourne team volunteer for a half day to cook in the incredible kitchens FareShare operate, to really do our part for a cause we feel very strongly about.

Coground Mobile Café Sponsorship
We are proud sponsors of the wonderful Co-Ground Coffee, a mobile cafe with 100 per cent of profits fuelling life-changing projects in the Asia-Pacific region. Co-Ground
launched in 2015 in response to the devastation caused by record-breaking category 5 Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu.

100% of profits generated by Co-Ground go to supporting their education and livelihood programs in the Asia Pacific region, that are developed by communities themselves, ensuring that ownership stays at a local level and their impact is sustainable.

One of their core principles is maintaining a totally transparent approach to where their money goes. Their programs are inclusive, impactful and important and we are proud to be part of their family.

Songwa Farm Project

In 2007, in collaboration with two other leading members of the specialty coffee sector, La Marzocco invested in the Songwa Estates coffee farm in southwest Tanzania to establish a non-profit endeavour which is both educational and socially driven in nature. Why? La Marzocco handcrafts espresso coffee equipment and coffee, like the people whose livelihoods depend on its growth, is a precious resource. Learn more HERE.

Culture is Important

La Marzocco is keen on supporting artists – such as George Bates, Jon Contino, etc. – or initiatives that promote art, and photography (such as Origin by Jakob de Boer) and currently sponsors a promising young athlete who works as a barista near the factory, Andrea Bolognesi. La Marzocco, moreover, is a member of and supports the cultural activities promoted by Museimpresa and Museo del Design della Toscana.

People at the Center

La Marzocco is an equal opportunity employer that is active in promoting the growth and satisfaction of its employees through a curricula aimed at core, role and/or personal training.

Workplace / Environment

Photovoltaic Panels
La Marzocco Australia is currently investigating installing photovoltaic panels at our offices to mirror those at the factory in Florence which generate electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity, producing 100% of it’s electrical needs – up to 233 kW. The program at the factory is monitored daily by an Energy Brain allowing for the company to begin to gather exact data on its carbon footprint.

Waste Management
La Marzocco aims to design machines that will lead to a minimal impact on the environment. Where possible, sustainable materials, components and packaging are used so that machines and/or packaging can be recycled.

Electric Transportation
Since 2014 La Marzocco has promoted FIA’s
Formula-e championship in light of its worldwide efforts to promote electric motor vehicles.


Boiler Insulation

La Marzocco believes in saving energy. The boilers on every machine model are fully equipped with insulated boilers, increasing energy efficiency by 20%.

Eco Mode

La Marzocco’s Linea PB model is equipped with programming that allows the machine to enter a “stand-by” mode, thereby improve energy efficiency. La Marzocco has plans to include this feature on future models.

Temperature Control

La Marzocco’s sophisticated software allows you to control temperature settings. With the Strada, individual brew groups can be turned off for greater energy savings during slower work periods.

Action expresses priorities. – Mahatma Gandhi

*Sustainable Innovation as coined by Northeastern University graduate students Hugo Diego Angeles, Meredith Baker, Andrea Davis, Wonji Kim in their final report “La Marzocco & Company Wide Sustainability Plan”.