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True Artisan Café

What? The True Artisan Café TM is an original “pop-up” rotating roaster coffee shop concept that La Marzocco established for events and trade shows to celebrate local, independent coffee communities. The format made its debut in 2012 on occasion of the London Coffee Festival’s 3rd edition, taking home an award for “Key Feature” and one for “Best Stand Design”. It has since been organized elsewhere, including World of Coffee, Vienna, in 2012 and Out of the Box, Milan, in 2013. The True Artisan Café continues to expand its presence, including in the La Marzocco offices or partner showrooms.

Why? The machine is the stage, the coffee and baristas are the protagonists, the public is the audience. Indeed, the True Artisan Café aims to provide independent coffee shops and micro-roasters from around the globe with an opportunity to showcase their brand, to engage, train and educate both the coffee industry, the coffee enthusiast and the general public, as well as provide baristas with a hands-on experience in operating La Marzocco espresso machines and grinders. In addition to ensuring quality, the True Artisan Café is a creative platform for building relationships and cultivating community.

Where? Visit the True Artisan Café at events (the Roaster Village) and trade shows, flagship stores and La Marzocco partner showrooms.