Baristas of La Marzocco: Jess Ryan from Super Okay Coffee Roasters

May 31, 2021 in Australia

Located in Sydney’s Northern Suburb of Brookvale, Super Okay Coffee Roasters has drawn visitors from surrounding suburbs and beyond with a quality offering. Set up in a no-fuss coworking space (shared with Sticky Bottle bicycle shop), the team at Super Okay have been entertaining visitors with a chilled-out soundtrack thanks to their extensive vinyl collection, a tasty jaffle menu and of course, a delicious blend and single origin offering from Okay Coffee.


Owned by Bo Hinzack (co-owner of Okay Coffee) and opened late last year, Super Okay Coffee Roasters has established itself in the Brookvale community with their honest offering of coffee and a well-trained team of staff. Fronted by Jess Ryan as head barista, Okay Coffee’s energetic and self-professed coffee geek is currently in pursuit to discover more behind the science of a consistent cup of coffee.

Starting her coffee career 18 years ago as a barista at a local Turkish pide shop, Jess took to the nuances of crafting a quality espresso quite quickly. Inquisitive in nature, Jess explains that while spending time behind the bar, she always questioned how the mechanics of coffee and roasting machinery worked to produce the beverage she was becoming fond of.


‘I’ve always been interested about how things work and how I can possibly innovate.’


Throughout her 18 years of experience as a barista, Jess has seen coffee trends come and go and has embraced the advancement of technology and innovation within the industry. However, throughout her years crafting specialty coffee, one question has always been on her mind, what is the science behind consistent cups of coffee?


‘There is a lot of information that needs to be brought back to the essence of artisan coffee.’


Passionate about quantum physics and quantum mechanics, Jess has observed that while there is a method to creating brilliant artisan coffee, science still has a lot more to tell us about how we can ensure that cups of artisan coffee can be made consistently and in return, easier for roasters and baristas to create.

In pursuit to innovate the way we engage and consume coffee, Jess is currently studying how this change can be introduced to the industry and in return, further open a dialogue between roasters and baristas.


‘My journey is about discovering the truth behind coffee and sharing it with the community.’


Barista by day and scientist by night, Jess is thrilled to be part of the Super Okay team, working alongside Bo and her girlfriend, Anouk to create an honest and quality experience for local and visiting customers.

In the coming months, Super Okay will see the arrival of a custom Loring roasting machine, allowing the team to roast Okay Coffee on site and add to the sensory experience of the café.

Founded by coffee brewer, Bo Hinzack and roaster, Aaron Wood, Okay Coffee was created on the principle of sourcing the best green beans possible, while remaining committed to the transparency of origin and traceability. Crafting their signature ‘Stargazer’ blend with the flat white in mind, Okay Coffee offers a range of coffee offerings to suit those who prefer it black or with milk.

To find out more about Okay Coffee and their range of merch and beans, visit their website.

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