Behind The Grind with Industry Beans Coffee Roasters

January 5, 2021 in Australia

Founded by brothers, Trevor and Steve Simmons in 2010, Industry Beans has made its mark on Australia’s coffee landscape by bringing all things coffee related under one roof; a roastery; specialty espresso, a brew bar and a restaurant.


Late last year, we caught up with Olmer Bollinger, Head of Coffee at Industry Beans to learn more about their unique approach to Australia’s coffee scene.


Since opening their flagship location in Melbourne’s stylish neighbourhood of Fitzroy in 2012, Industry Beans has grown to make their mark along the east coast of Australia with an additional roastery in Newstead, Brisbane and cafes located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane CBDs.



While servicing most major cities along the east coast of Australia, Olmer admits that there is quite a difference between each cities culture, which he and the team at Industry Beans take into consideration in their daily service. According to Olmer, the Melbourne coffee scene is well versed in the over-intellectualisation of coffee and are now more drawn to a particular aesthetic or culture of a café. In comparison, the coffee scene in Brisbane is smaller, younger and is more playful when it comes to coffee.

“People in the Brisbane are just super excited for everything specialty, which is very fun and refreshing.”


When talking about the vast variety of roasts and blends Industry Beans offers, Olmer shared that the key focus of Industry Beans is to showcase the diversity in flavours of the coffee growing world. From origin to process method to crafting blends, the team at Industry Beans are devoted to appeasing the taste of every coffee drinker, while focusing on key features they appreciate about coffee.

“With our filter coffee we try to have as minimal roast influence as possible. Our espresso roasts vary in style, with single origins being typically light-medium and our blends varying in roast degree to suit the intended audience.”



When it asked about his all-time favourite blend, Olmer confesses that his answer changes month to month, partly due to the amount to coffee consumed for the job. However, unique and bold profiles normally capture his attention, such as coffee from Café Granja La Esperanza in Columbia, which Industry Beans regularly buy microlots from.


When it comes to pouring their specialty brew on the daily, the team at Industry Beans are overly excited to be using La Marzocco’s Modbar set up across their locations. With a sleek aesthetic and features to match, it’s built-in scales have changed the game of ergonomics and workability for the team.

“…it’s taken usability to another level. It feels like you are making coffee in the future.”


As the coffee scene is rapidly changing, one trend which the team takes into consideration when developing blends is the demand for alternative milks and how this impacts the taste and profile of their coffee.

“Now when we develop or update a blend, how it works with a range of milks is a primary concern for us, as opposed to the secondary concern it once was a few years ago.”



When asked why coffee is so important, Olmer referenced coffee as an “everyman’s drink” and one that fits neatly into the fabric of most people’s lives, whether it be on a daily commute or in the comfort of their own kitchen, our personal relationship with coffee can be understood globally.

“I think that everyone has a different relationship with it as well as different tastes and preferences. There is often something within that relationship that makes up a small part of our identity.”


To learn more about Industry Beans, visit their website here.

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