Espresso At Home with Aida Batlle

May 1, 2020 in International

“To me, having a Linea Mini is an amazing tool because I’ll get to cup the coffees at the mill and then I can bring some back and see how they’re tasting.
I think the varieties we have in El Salvador in general and that we have on our farms definitely make for great espresso. Our acidity is not very high, so we have a lot of chocolate and stone fruits, juiciness and sweetness. I’ve used a lot of espresso machines for home, but this one is like having like a [cafe] La Marzocco machine condensed into one perfect packet.” – Aida Batlle
Just before the pandemic took over the world, the team at @lamarzoccohome in collaboration with @lifeandthyme had a great journey from up the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano to Finca Kilimanjaro—where 5th generation coffee producer @aidabatlle harvests some of the world’s finest coffees.

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