Expanding One “Red Brick” At A Time

December 21, 2020 in Australia

Having recently celebrated their ninth birthday, we met with Redbrick Coffee Roasters to discuss their successful expansion in ACT, their bold new addition to their café and their exciting plans for the new year.

When speaking to Tim Manning, founder of Redbrick Coffee Roasters about the origins of the roastery café, it was clear that the customer experience was the key focal point.

“We wanted a space where people could come in and interact with us and their coffee.”

Rather than hosting customers in a café where their only interaction with coffee was purchasing their bags of beans from a counter, Manning envisioned a space where customers could see and smell their coffee being roasted, adding a unique sensory experience to the customers interaction with the coffee.

While first operating out of their modestly sized café in Curtin, Redbrick have steadily expanded over the course of nine years and can also be found operating a café in Canberra’s centre as well as a roastery café in the leafy, lifestyle hub of Fyshwick.

While the Fyshwick location has lured customers in for its incredible coffee, its aesthetically appealing interiors have also caused quite the buzz on social media as of late. With natural light illuminating its walnut timber interior, and a burnt orange ottoman, the new addition of an orange La Marzocco KB90 seamlessly ties the spaces design features together and sits as a proud talking point on their counter.

It’s striking design aside, the addition of the KB90 ‘s innovative technology has allowed his baristas to experiment with their extractions with ease.

“We’re able to now pull a shot well outside of what they’re normally doing, just by adjusting the dial in speed.”

The addition of the KB90 has also eased the physical strain on staff as the machine does not require the standard pushing/pulling motion of engaging portafilters, but allows for them to be directly inserted in a forward motion. This ease of use has allowed staff to accommodate a less physically demanding, quicker and more engaged service without compromising on the consistency of pouring the perfect espresso.

As we approach the end of the year, the Red Brick team are already busy finalising their plans for 2021. One of which includes the opening of their new full-service café named Arc, penned to open in Canberra’s CBD mid-January 2021. Beyond Canberra, Red Brick also look forward to expanding their presence in Korea, with the expansion of their cafes and coffee distribution to select cafes in this exciting new frontier of specialty coffee.  We are thrilled to watch them take on this new challenge and look forward to seeing more Aussie style coffee taking pride of place on foreign shores.

To find out more about Red Brick Coffee, please visit https://redbrick.coffee

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