Modbar Interviews: Acacia Henley Beach

October 17, 2018 in Australia, International

We had a chat with Elisa Mercurio, one of the founders and owners of Acacia in Henley Beach, a prime location for Modbar in Southern Australia, that we are proud to have on board.

Why did you choose Modbar over a traditional espresso machine ?
“We chose the Modbar for three reasons. Aesthetics, workflow and functionality.”
Has Modbar redefined customer engagement / customer experience in your store?
“The Modbar has redefined the customer and barista engagement. We have been able to set up our espresso bar, as exactly that. The customers are able to watch the baristas work and are constantly amazed by the amount of detail and processes it takes to make a single coffee.
Generally the customer can only see the back of a machine and then their coffee arrives.
In addition to the feature, it creates a talking point with our customers and they are able to have a conversation with baristas, which connects the whole experience together.”
How have your customers responded to the Modbar?
“Intrigue and amazement. For those who have not yet been familiarised with a machine that is modular, are taken back by the aesthetics. There is also a great opportunity to be able to bring the customers back behind the bar and show them through our profile setups and explain the reasons behind each. As we have over 20 profiles set up, their appreciation for the knowledge and talent of our baristas is communicated. They then feel like they are a part of the experience.”
What are the benefits to your business using Modbar?
“It is a point of difference for us and instantly sets as apart. It lends its hand to a beautiful fit out and it has become the centre piece of our interior. The technology and abilities the machine has, allows us to perform with consistency and precision.”
What improvements can you suggest for the Modbar so as to further benefit your business?
“It will be good for the machine to get online updates and a collect all the usage date as well so you could have reports and spot busy and slow periods.”
What challenges did you come up against in the design/build phase of the business due to the Modbar?
“Our biggest challenge was the amount of space needed under the bar for all the machinery. Therefore, our bar is on the larger side. What you gain on top, you lose under your bench.”
What advice would you give to someone planning on installing a Modbar in their space?
“Go for it! Take the time to design and layout your modbar to suit the flow of your space. Every space has different needs. For example, whether you keep your steam wands together or seperate them is all dependent on the pace of the environment where you are situated.
Bench height is also very important as it is not as tall as most machines. Take the time to get to know the functionality also.”
What are your favourite features of the Modbar?
“Computerised programming, we have sometimes up to 6 different single origins through the week and offer several blends, so this function allows us to switch back and forth when needed. It is also a beautiful and elegantly presented piece of machinery.”
How have you changed your service style or model due to the Modbar?
“The main change is in the interaction that baristas now have with the customers. As the barista is making the coffee, they are able to chat with the customers and explain the process and product in depth.”
To who/which type of businesses would you recommend Modbar to?
“The big advantage of the modbar is that its modular, therefore you can use it for a hole in the wall little cafe to large scale venues where you will need 4 groups.
Another important aspect is the level of expertise of your baristas, they will need to be a very experienced barista to understand the functionality of the modbar.”
Would you purchase Modbar next time?
“Definitely, it is a consistently solid machine. It is just a natural evolution of the cafe game.
The practicality and usability of the modbar at this stage is far better than other designs.”
What has the Modbar support been like before, during and after installation?
“LM support has been outstanding. The LM team have come up a few times to Adelaide to check that everything is running smoothly. Even though some of the issues were unknown at the time we worked together to solve them.”

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