Modbar finds a home at Juliette Coffee and Bread

September 3, 2021 in Uncategorized

Dotted around Melbourne’s outer suburbs, Juliette Coffee and Bread has become a hub for surrounding locals and beyond for quality coffee and artisan bread and pastries.


Recognised for their signature salmon-hued exterior, Juliette Coffee and Bread have become a go-to for locals and those passing through for their extensive offering of delicious baked goods, loaves of fresh bread and coffee, crafted on their Modbar EP and Modbar steam.

As each of their locations are fitted out with a minimalist and considered layout, Juliette’s Modbar stands proudly as a feature at each counter.


The choice to install Modbar AV and Modbar Steam at each of their locations was not incidental. By complimenting the café’s no-fuss fit out, the café in turn feels open and de-cluttered, allowing baristas and staff to easily engage with waiting customers over the counter.

Exclusively using Inglewood Coffee at each of their venues, baristas at each location have benefitted from the machine’s simple controls to customise the extraction and dose of each shot, ensuring each shot of coffee is as smooth, delicious, and consistent as the last.



To learn more about Juliette Coffee and Bread, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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