Take care of one another in any way you can

March 18, 2020 in Australia, International

At a time of incredible uncertainty, we are surrounded by constant news about COVID-19 and the impact this will have on our daily lives. It is important in these times to know that you are not alone. An imposing challenge lays before us, and it is normal to feel overwhelmed, however as a community it is essential to support each other and advocate wellbeing in any way we can. We are here for each other now more than ever.


Talking to people you trust can help. Be sure to reach out to friends regardless of their circumstances. This is a new & unfamiliar feeling of loss to many, a familiar voice to talk to can help centre your mind, body & spirit.


Take care of one another in any way you can. If you are in hospitality management, reach out to your staff & check up on their mental health. Make sure to check in on family members, near or far. If you are no longer able to visit your local businesses, reach out to them online to see if they are in need of support, or simply pick up the phone.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle & diet will help alleviate the pressure on one’s mind. Keep to a regular exercise routine where possible, shop locally & support local businesses who stock nutrient-rich foods. Maintain healthy sleep patterns & look to avoid unhealthy substances as a means of relief.


Ensure your mental wellbeing is still in shape by using meditation or breathing exercises to take time out of your day. Utilise readily-available apps such as Headspace, Calm, Smiling Mind, or Insight Timer. Avoid overwhelming yourself with media publications that you perceive as upsetting, and find peace with what matters most in your own daily life.


Use this time as an opportunity to upskill yourself in new & exciting ways. Develop new techniques in hospitality, refine your palette, order coffee from a roaster you are yet to visit & learn how to brew their recipe at home, learn a new language. When this period has passed, you will be confident in knowing you have used every moment to its fullest.


As in industry, we need to come together with our customers and with our community. We are an entrepreneurial bunch and will always find new ways to support each other. If you are feeling at too great of a loss, do not be afraid to pick up the phone & call someone who will listen. Beyond Blue is available via phone on 1300 22 4636 or via online chat through their social channels for 24 hour support. Lastly, feel free to call us – we are here to support the Australian coffee community & it’s many branches, on a business level as well as a personal one.


Here is a list of outreach group initiatives currently on hand & available for our hospitality community:

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19): NSW Specialty Coffee Community – click here
  • Worksmith: An Industry’s Response to COVID-19 – click here
  • Hospitality Industry COVID-19 Support – click here
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