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For those who are interested in the pleasure of visiting our facilities, learning about our history and the traditions of Handmade in Florence since 1927, of deep diving into the technology behind the espresso machine and rituals, of exploring the world and people of coffee well as take part in a more expanded “La Marzocco Experience”… the Accademia Del Caffè Espresso is the place to be; it is the old factory that unfolds a new path where legacy meets vision.
Here, we organize interactive tours on week days (Monday-Tuesday / Thursday-Friday) by appointment only.
For further into, please reach out to the team at

Should you be traveling by car, please click HERE to view the map, and see the below details for Taxi and Transfer services:

Radio Taxi – Tel. 055 4242

Telephone: +39 055 4361900

Fixed rate from Florence center to Accademia (La Marzocco special rate) = 50 euro* (make sure to mention it is for La Marzocco / Accademia so that the special rate is applied)

The Accademia can be reached by public transit taking bus number 25 A from the Florence center at Piazza San Marco – Via La Pira stop.
The bus departs from via La Pira at 9:28am most weekdays and arrives in front of the Accademia (stop “I Cipressini” – make sure to tell the driver you need to get off at this stop) at 9:50am.

Accademia del Caffè Espresso
Via Bolognese 68
Pian di San Bartolo
50014 Fiesole (Fi), Italy


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