Why Our Coffee Machines Are Hand-Tested in Melbourne

November 18, 2020 in Uncategorized

We take pride in testing each of our hand-built coffee machines so that it arrives at your business ready to make the perfect coffee. Find out how our dedicated team prepares your machine at our Melbourne showroom.

Our bench testing team — Anthony Chiera and Mike Songcuan — hand-test each La Marzocco Home coffee machine at our Melbourne showroom when it arrives on Australian shores from our headquarters in Florence, Italy. This way, we can sleep at night knowing that you’ll be starting your day with a perfect cup from the very first pour.

And while we’re keen to acknowledge our rigorous testing, we actually do this because our commitment to world-class coffee experiences all comes down to one moment: the first time you turn on your coffee machine and brew your debut shot.

We know that this moment marks an important step in your coffee journey. It’s the beginning of making a great cup of coffee, but it’s also the moment when you become a member of our international community of coffee lovers, united by passion.



What is bench testing?

First, our team carefully unpacks your coffee machine and carries out a full check of the machine, externally and internally, looking for any inconsistencies in its parts and accessories.

Once satisfied, we fill your machine with filtered water and connect it to electricity, checking that it powers up without any problems.

We turn the machine on for a minimum of 24 hours, to make sure that it doesn’t overheat or leak. Every function is tested, from switching on and off multiple times to pushing buttons, turning knobs, testing steam pressure, and checking lights and gauges.

Finally, if you have requested any customisation such as our timber kits, we carefully hand-fit any customised details.

Each machine is carefully cleaned, repackaged and stamped as having been tested to show that it has passed our quality assurance standards and is ready for your kitchen benchtop.


Our Italian team does such an amazing job of building these machines. They travel a long way, from Italy to Australia, on the other side of the world. It’s a privilege to make sure they arrive with our customers presented in the best possible way. — Anthony



What happens if we discover a fault?

If we do discover an issue, our experts repair any faults with our commercial grade componentry, which is also made in our headquarters in Florence. This way, we can guarantee the integrity of each part of your machine.


Findings are reported directly to our headquarters in Italy through our bench testing portal. This is important for innovation, so that improvements can be made to certain components for the next version of the machine. — Mike



Our commitment to excellence

Of course, hand-testing every machine takes more time and effort than choosing not to carry out bench testing. It’s our commitment to excellence and our passion for giving people the opportunity to experience uncompromised coffee, wherever they are, that keeps us going.


La Marzocco prides itself on being a family and creating a feeling of togetherness, not just here in Melbourne but all over the world. The people behind the amazing machinery are some of the most passionate in the industry — and you become an important part of that when you receive a beautifully presented machine. — Anthony

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