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Our commitment

We aim to build relationships that enrich the lives of others


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La Marzocco’s philosophy has always been based on the people that rotate around it, putting them at the centre of its company policies. To formalize this approach, La Marzocco decided to become a benefit corporation, making an effort to consider its impact on people and the environment, choosing a sustainable and transparent path that could lead the company to value the ecosystem and the community which exists around it.

La Marzocco, during the last twenty years, went from being a family-led company to an international company with branches all over the world. This expansion has led the company to have greater awareness of its operating impact. Furthermore, in the last ten years a process has been carried out aiming to improve the company’s policies and its management model, refining and adapting it to meet the needs of all of its stakeholders.


“The ultimate goal is to create a huge impact on people, while leaving a minimal footprint on the environment.”
Guido Bernardinelli

La Marzocco is committed to adopting solutions that can reduce its environmental impact. The Scarperia headquarters and the Accademia del Caffè in Pian di San Bartolo produces about 50% of their energy needs through photovoltaic panels. In 2022, the panels produced 530 MWh of green energy. The energy produced by the panels is also used to recharge electric vehicles, free of charge for all employees. There are more than twenty charging stations.

Through the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the company manages to establish its carbon footprint, meaning the equivalent CO2 emissions deriving from production and procurement operations; the calculation of emissions also includes those deriving from logistics, waste processing, the extraction and transport of raw materials, in addition to the consumption of electricity and the movements of its employees. By establishing its carbon footprint, the company can thus identify the areas on which to intervene to reduce its current emissions, in view of the 2050 goal which provides for a complete elimination of greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, the company is able to offset its CO2 equivalent emissions by purchasing certified carbon credits through an environmental protection project in the Madre de Dios region, an area of high biological diversity in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Thanks to this initiative, in 2022 the company offset 8,500 tons of CO2 emissions.

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Songwa Estates

Bringing people to coffee origins in a meaningful way.


Since 2007, La Marzocco has been collaborating with Hemro and Probat in a philanthropic project aimed at bringing people closer to the origins of coffee, to the source of the raw material that underpins the entire supply chain. La Marzocco donates a portion of the profit from the sale of the machines to Songwa, a coffee plantation in Tanzania. The company’s funding made it possible to build four schools, a bridge over the Nzofe River and four wells for drinking water.