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technical support for your la marzocco and modbar equipment


Below you will find product documentation, water specifications and more for keeping your equipment up and running. If you have any questions feel free to contact our aftersales support team at (03) 8413 4777 or by emailing You can also order parts by emailing

Pre-Installation Specifications


La Marzocco Australia take great pride in the reliability and functionality of our machines, we bench test every machine we sell in Australia and stand behind them completely.

To ensure you have a trouble-free experience when receiving your machine ensure you use a trusted technical partner to install and maintain it. Your technical partner will be able to recommend and install the correct water filtration for your location and ensure your water, power and ergonomic requirements comply with our required technical and warranty specifications.

how to receive your espresso machine


If you are receiving your machine before arranging installation – inspecting your equipment upon delivery is crucial for rectifying any damage that has occurred during shipping.

Is the shipping box damaged?
Check the inside and outside of the box thoroughly for signs of damage, including crushed corners, visible holes or missing pieces.

Is the machine damaged?
Unbox the machine and check thoroughly for dents, chips, unattached components, or any other visual damage.

Report this to the carrier when signing for your delivery and contact La Marzocco right away so we can help you sort it out.

Product Documentation

la marzocco water specification

La Marzocco recommends caution when using sodium and hydrogen based ionexchange water softeners. Suggested pressure and flow rate from water mains: 45 to 80 psi (3 or 5 bar) and 8 liter per minute.

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