What is Crush The Rush?

The Competition!
Eight Teams (with three baristas each) will compete head-to-head, racing to finish 8 espresso-based drinks in the fastest time. This competition is all about fun, speed, efficiency, and teamwork.

20 teams will have the chance to compete throughout the day in the form of time trials, giving their best to complete a standardised line of drinks in the fastest amount of time. The 8 teams with the fastest qualifier times will advance to compete in the evening competition.

The Finals & PARTY!
All of this will conclude in the Crush the Rush Finals, a bracketed knockout competition that comes with side work challenges and a down-n-dirty set of tunes to bring the heat.  This will be held amongst a party of grand designs – think food, booze, tunes, laughs, and good vibes…

Sydney – 21st of November 

Melbourne –  28th of November 

Check out this VIDEO for more information!

Want to join us for the finals party in SYDNEY or MELBOURNE?!

Ticket cost? FREE
What this will include? Booze, food & good times!

Want to compete in Crush the Rush?

The entry fee is $100 per team. (All entry fees will go toward the final prize of $1000 to the winning team and a $1000 donation to a charity of their choice). If you’re just want to be part of the fun, the event is completely FREE and includes food and drinks.

You will need to RSVP through the links below as entries are limited.

Sydney – 21st of November 

Melbourne –  28th of November 

Can’t wait to see you all there!