Behind our fleet of handcrafted espresso machines lies a team of talented and passionate individuals. Our technical team is no exception.

Passionate about assisting our coffee community through technical support and in-person training, our friendly technical team are driven by finding solutions and pouring a mighty fine espresso.

Based in Melbourne, our Technical Specialist, Adrian covers many bases for the technical team. From giving field support to taking technicians through an in depth technical training of our commercial and home products. This week we caught up with Adrian to learn more about what is involved with being a Technical Specialist and how our customers can make the most of his vast knowledge.

Could you begin by sharing your job title and explaining what you do at La Marzocco?

La Marzocco Technical Specialist. Supporting our technical community though training and aftersales support.


How many years have you been working for La Marzocco

It’s been 8 years and 3 months.


What first brought you to La Marzocco?

I started out working alongside an Electronic Engineer for many years then began working as an Espresso Machine Technician at a roastery in NZ. I’ve always had an interest in electricity and how things work so naturally gravitated towards LM.


What is your favourite machine/part and why?

I have a passion for all our machines but a special bond for the ones I have been directly involved with like PB, Leva, KB90 and Modbar. Overall, the KB90 would be my favourite because you get all the best LM tech in one machine.


What does a regular workday look like for you at La Marzocco?

Each day is different, but it usually involves switching between phone support, field support, technical advice to other departments, technical training, creating/maintaining supporting documents and researching new LM tech.


What’s a simple maintenance tip you would share with baristas and café owners?

Always test your water to meet the conditions regularly.



What advice would you give those beginning a career in technical service?

Before becoming a Technician, I would recommend studying basic electrical, electronics and hydraulics. Also check with your local city council about what electrical qualifications you’ll need in the field. Holding a current forklift licence would also be helpful.


What is one thing our customers should know about La Marzocco technical service that they may not already know?

We have three senior technicians available five days a week for any technical enquiries. You can email us at


How can our customers learn more about our machinery and technical service?

Get in touch, we hold regular technical training in VIC & NSW virtually and in-office Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


What current projects are you most excited about?

Our online technical resource centre on LM Connect is looking pretty good. The App is super helpful too. After you login make sure you upload a test & tag or equivalent licence to my licence under Service Training to access to the technical support level.